Our Business Inspiration: Sloppy Kids

What was Debbie Wiener’s inspiration for inventing the Slobproof! Paint Pen?


“My oldest son Sam came home from college for Thanksgiving and saw me on my hands and knees, filling in the dings and dents on my baseboard molding with crusty cans of white paint. Without moving an inch from the TV, he asked, ‘Hey Mom, isn’t there a better way for you to do that?’” From that one statement, Wiener developed the Slobproof! PaintPen, a vacuum-sealed paint pen that can be filled with any color paint for touch-ups.    Read more about Debbie’s inspiration and 9 other “Crazy Small Business Stories of Inspiration” here.

It’s All About Helping Other Women Succeed in Business!

Debbie and Steve Harvey

She’s been there and done that and now Debbie Wiener shares her first-hand knowledge of turning a small business into a big success.  Meet Amy Hansen of Amy’s Candy Bar- located in Chicago- and in need of a business makeover so she can finally turn a profit.  How do Steve and Debbie help Amy make her business dreams come true?

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