Touch-Up Paint Pen - Wall Repair Patch Kit

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  • Fill with any paint for quick touch-ups to dings, dents and scratches on your walls, trim, ceiling and doors.
  • Precision brush-tip and twist-activated paint control ensure detailed and mess-free painting on any surface.
  • Patent-pending air-tight design keeps paint fresh inside the pen for at least seven years of more crusty paint cans and brushes!
  • Includes five Touch-Up Paint Pens and five syringes for easily filling pens straight from the paint can.
  • PLUS nail-hole filler, spreader and sanding block for patching nail-holes and cracks in drywall, wood, plaster or stucco.


    The Touch-Up Paint Pen

    Say "goodbye" to those pesky dings, dents, and marks on your walls! The Touch-Up Paint Pen is the quick, convenient, and mess-free way to make color-matched paint touch-ups to scuffed walls, trim, cabinets, furniture...any painted surface. Use an included plastic syringe to fill your Touch-Up Paint Pens with your own paint straight from the paint can, attach the brush-tips, and you're ready to paint! Simply twist the end of the Touch-Up Paint Pen to dispense paint from the brush-tip. When you're finished painting, rinse the brush-tip with water to remove excess paint, and store the Touch-Up Paint Pens in your toolbox junk-drawer for next time! The patented airtight design keeps the paint fresh inside each pen for at least seven years, and the pens can be refilled too.

    United States Patent Number 10,293,360 B2

    Wall Repair Patch Kit

    The Touch-Up Paint Pen + Wall Repair Patch Kit bundles includes EVERYTHING needed to keep your interior walls looking good as new for years to come! This handy bundle features five Touch-Up Paint Pens, five sticker labels for keeping track of colors, and five easy-filling filling syringes for filling your Touch-Up Paint Pens with any latext paint. In addition, the Kit includes spackling, a putty knife and sander for patching cracks and holes in drywall, stucco and wood. A MUST-HAVE for the tool box of every home-owner, renter and dorm-dweller!

    WARNING:CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

    Prop 65 Warning: this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.


    How do I fill the Touch-Up Paint Pens with paint?

    Use an included plastic syringe to easily fill your Touch-Up Paint Pen straight from your paint can.

    How long will my paint stay fresh inside the pen?

    The Touch-Up Paint Pen's air-tight design keeps paint fresh inside for at least seven years!

    Does the Touch-Up Paint Pen work with any type of paint?

    The Touch-Up Paint Pen is compatible with any latex paint. Oil-based paints, glues and stains are not recommended for use with the Touch-Up Paint Pen.

    How much paint does each Touch-Up Paint Pen hold?

    Each Touch-Up Paint Pen holds 3.4mls of paint...enough for dozens of touch-ups!

    Will the brush-tips dry-out?

    The brush-tips will last for years to come! Just be sure to thoroughly rinse the brush-tips with water to remove excess paint and replace the protective cap after each use.

    What size is the brush-tip?

    The included brush-tips are 1/8" wide...ideal for detailed painting in tight spaces!

    Can the Touch-Up Paint Pen be refilled once all the paint has been depleted?

    Yes! First, retract the internal paint plunger by twisting the end of the pen in the counter-clockwise direction. When retracting the plunger, you will notice some resistance when twisting, which signals that you're twisting on the refilling direction. Next, gently remove the brush-tip (we suggest gripping with a paper towel or using lightweight pliers).

    What do I do if the tube of nail-hole filler feels dried-out and the compound won't come out?

    First, we recommend microwaving the tube as needed to soften the really works! Alternatively, you can run the open end of the tube ender a faucet to re-moisten the compound water. With either method, the nail-hole filler will be ready to use.


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