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Quick & Easy Touch Ups
From Your Kitchen Drawer!

No more searching through your basement or garage for crusty cans of paint. No more stiff brushes. Everything you need to make your walls and trim look new again is right in your kitchen drawer.

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It's a Hit!

An expert decorating tool
Genius Paint Pen
It was only a matter of time before some genius woman came up with this idea
A great tool to have at home. Very handy
A genius way to correct paint scratches
The best
The time and hassle saved is invaluable
One of the best DIY tools…hard to beat the convenience
A Mother’s Dream Come True
This Paint Pen Touches up the Dings!
Our favorite supplies...awesome pens!


Keeps paint fresh for years of touch-ups.



No more searching for old paint brushes and crusty cans of paint.



Fills with your paint for a perfect match every time.



Everything you need for mess free painting anywhere.


Paint even hard-to-reach places

Goes where no brush has gone before!



Our plastic is reused and recycled.

Customers are saying...

Makes life easy

Redoing old house and painting each and every wall. I’m actually using them for the touch ups and detail work.. Perfect for door frames baseboards, and around hinges. Love them.


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Works amazing!

I was debating on buying these for a while ... I had a spot on the wall where my dog scratched and needed to touch up, but didn’t want to go through the mess of bringing paint up and using a brush. These worked great and are easy to fill. I’m glad I purchased these and they are worth the price!


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Literally obsessed

I am IN LOVE with this product. It made touching up my house so easy before I listed it for sale. It was super easy to use and the paint blended seamlessly, it looks like there was absolutely never anything stuck into my walls. Love it, definitely a gem

Samantha W.

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Super easy to use

We are renters that needed to patch up some little holes in the wall caused by command strips. The area we needed to paint wasn't very big and that's where this little thing came in handy. Super easy to fill, use and clean. Super happy with my purchase.


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Surprisingly handy

Last time I painted, bought a couple of these on recommendation of a friend, and filled up a couple. No need to get out gallon cans of paint, no need to put down rooms full of plastic, no need to tape off entire sections. Just pull out the paint pen, hit the area, clean and put it away.

James G.

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This is a great product.

I used this item after month of purchase and one of the pens broke. I contacted the company and within the same day received a response and 2 pens were mailed to my house, no questions asked! They work great and are perfect to have on hand!

Chad Miller

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This is genius

These are the coolest little things! The paint stays ‘fresh’ and the brush doesn’t dry out in between uses. This is literally the perfect paint pen for every day touch ups and scratches. You get two in a package, so you can fill them with two different paint colors to have on hand for the higher traffic rooms of the house.

L. Grimes

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Super helpful!

I bought these because I saw them on some Buzzfeed list. They work as advertised and make touch ups a much easier project than having to pull out paint cans, brushes, etc. no more procrastinating on little home repairs!


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Love Them!

So easy to use, you can fill them and just have them nearby in case you find a spot that needs touching up. Works really well for those hard to reach tight spaces and you don’t have to constantly dip it in the paint can! 👍👍👍

Heather Geldert

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4000+ 4.5 star reviews on Amazon

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