The Touch-Up Paint Pen can be refilled when all paint as been depleted. First, retract the internal paint plunger by twisting the end of the pen in the counter-clockwise direction. When retracting the plunger, you will notice some resistance when twisting, which signals that you are twisting on the refilling direction. Next, gently remove the brush-tip (we suggest gripping with a paper towel or using lightweight pliers).  Lastly, refill the pen with the water-based paint of your choosing using the included filling syringe(s), just as you did when you first filled the pens!  The Decorating Pens cannot be refilled in order to preserve the air-tight seal that keeps the paint fresh inside for years to come.

Use an included plastic syringe to easily fill your Touch-Up Paint Pen or Decorating Pen straight from your paint can or bottle!

Both the the Touch-Up Paint Pen's and Decorating Pen's air-tight design keeps paint fresh inside for at least seven years!

The Touch-Up Paint Pen is compatible with any latex paint and the Decorating Pen is compatible with any water-based paint including acrylic paint, tempera paint, poster paint, even ink.  Oil-based paints, glues and stains are not recommended for use with either product.

Each Touch-Up Paint Pen holds 3.4mls of paint while the Decorating Pen holds 6ml of paint...enough for dozens of projects!

The brush-tips will last for years to come! Just be sure to thoroughly rinse the brush-tips with water to remove excess paint and replace the protective cap after each use.

The Touch-Up Paint Pen brush-tips are 1/8" wide - ideal for detailed painting in tight spaces - while the Decorating Pen has a 1/8" x 1/4" brush-tip for both fine and detailed painting.

First, we recommend microwaving the tube as needed to soften the really works! Alternatively, you can run the open end of the tube ender a faucet to re-moisten the compound water. With either method, the nail-hole filler will be ready to use.

Yes!  Slobproof Furniture is available through our sister-company (and award-winning interior design firm) Designing Solutions.  All seating is 100% custom and made-to-order.  Designing Solutions' design team works with each customer to find the perfect seating solution for each home.  If you're interested in learning more or ordering, please visit:

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