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by Debbie Wiener

I'm Debbie Wiener and while I may not have been in your home (yet), I've designed more than 5,000 homes in the DMV over the past twenty years. No small feat! And every Sunday (well, almost every Sunday), I'll share simple, low-cost design tips based on decades of experience that you can do in a day- in your own home- to add style, color and value in every room.

With Fall finally around the corner, I'm focusing on lighting, lighting, lighting-- good lighting is essential to making your home functional and comfortable, yet so few homeowners have it. Imagine wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses for the very first time after living with years of poor eye sight. Finally, you can see! That's the difference good lighting makes in a home. And the simplest way to get good lighting? Change the light bulbs! Those old incandescent bulbs are essentially heaters that give off yellow light as a side effect. And compact fluorescent bulbs with their industrial gray light are so unflattering to everything and everybody- they make me look like the Walking Dead. Ditch them all and make the switch to energy efficient LED bulbs:



Debbie Wiener
Debbie Wiener

Debbie Wiener is the owner, creator and principal designer of Slobproof. While she is NOT a slob, she married one! Then she had two boys, a dog and a bird and they became slobs and well...... instead of losing her sanity and screaming at her family, she decided to design a SLOBPROOF home. Talk is cheap, but emails are free! Got a question, concern or a designing dilemma in search of a designing solution? Email me at and I’ll do my best to email you back thoughtful answers that you can really use.

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